Welcome to Anqing Jinyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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Why Choose Us?

Some of our competitive advantage that keeps us way ahead of other market players are enlisted below

  • Reliable range of pharmaceutical intermediates & active pharmaceutical ingredients.

  • Competitive pricing.

  • In house testing facilities.

  • Advanced manufacturing facility.

  • Qualified team of personnel for standard outcome through Quality Control and Quality Analysis.

  • Expedite delivery.

  • Ready stock to meet urgent and bulk requirements.

  • Wide market distribution network.

Key Capabilities

  • Average years of experience for workforce: 10+ years

  • Process for more than 200+ products developed in lab on Kilo Scale

  • More than 100 products to commercial level

  • Process safety and process engineering/integration labs

  • Broad range of reactors (Stainless steel, Glass lined, Hastelloy)

  • 10 - 50 lit reactors in kilo lab and 100 - 500 lit reactors in pilot plant for fast process optimization and scale up

  • Manufacturing strength from 1KG scale to 500 MT scales per year

  • Flow Chemistry from lab scale to manufacturing scale

  • Continuous hydrogenation facilities from lab scale to manufacturing scale

  • Cryogenic reactors operating within temperature range up to -100oC

  • High temperature reactions up to +200oC and High vacuum distillations

  • High potent products development and manufacturing (OEL: 1 - 10 μg / m3; OEB: 4)

  • Backward integration of key raw materials

  • Integrated Project management